“Couples Synergy – Real Couples,

Real Stories”

Dr Ray and Jean share their expertise in working with thousands of couples. They discuss a variety of topics such as infidelity, sexual health, communication, infertility, finances, grief, suicide and much more! They also interview everyday couples about their love story, as well as host experts such as Divorce Attorneys, Sex Therapists, Health Coaches, Financial Advisors and more.

The #1 Podcast for Couples

in Over 100 Countries!

Dr. Ray & Jean feature their own experience

Listen to episodes featuring Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian discussing relationship issues they have encountered working with thousands of couples for over 20 years.

In addition to their training and education in Clinical Psychology, learn the secrets to having a healthy and happy relationship based on their extensive years of experience helping couples.

Learn From Other Couples' Experiences

The couples interviewed on Couples Synergy are Real Couples with Real Stories. They are not scripted actors and volunteer to make their story public because they want to share it with the world.

The guests on Couples Synergy discuss topics such as divorce, addiction, adoption, infidelity, dating, financial struggles, infertility, blended families, unemployment, polyamory, bullying, grief and loss and many more topics about relationships.

Our premise was to show couples around the world that they are not alone in their challenges, their wins and their life experiences together.

Learn from other experts

Dr. Ray and Jean interview experts in different industries offering advice on topics such as, financial planning, nutrition, sexual intimacy, hormonal health, infertility, PTSD, suicide, yoga, acupuncture, grief and loss plus much more.

With a variety of experts offering advice on a multitude of relationship areas, Couples Synergy is an awesome resource for those looking to improve their relationship. With this guidance, couples can truly create the relationship they've always dreamed of with the partner they fell in love with!

Who are we? 

When relationships form between two people, a separate and unique entity is created, called the “couple personality”. This union of two individuals into something greater is also called, “synergy”. It is this synergy in a relationship that provides the excitement and passion a couple feels when they first come together.

Over time, however, this synergy can stop growing, especially when time and energy are not dedicated to the relationship. External influences and obligations can further erode this synergy causing a disconnect within the “couple personality”.

The Couples Synergy Program, developed by “power couple”, Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian, teach couples how to re-energize and improve the synergy within their relationship. It provides the tools and guidance needed to bring back the excitement and passion the couple once felt for each other.

Who are we? 

Both born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Dr Ray and Jean met at work as professional counselors in 1996 and began dating on February 21st, 1997. After their first date they quickly began a relationship, fell deeply in love and have been inseparable ever since. Their adventurous spirit often takes them camping, skydiving, scuba diving, attending concerts and traveling all over the world.

Dr Ray and Jean were married on Valentine’s Day, February 14th 1998. Jean’s son Alec was 10 years old when they married making them an instant blended family. Later that year they had their second son Dinyar.

After obtaining their Masters degrees in Clinical Psychology they both began working with clients to help them grow personally and spiritually, which is their professional foundation to this day. Dr Ray went on to complete his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Both Jean and Dr Ray work with men and women focusing on personal empowerment with consideration and compassion for their partner. Dr Ray and Jean founded and have been running a successful counseling practice in the Chicagoland area called The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center since 2002 which focuses on working with couples and families.