Relationship 101™ - Couples Synergy Home Study Course

Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian have spent over 20 years working with couples teaching them the skills and tools necessary to create an amazing relationship

Their knowledge and secrets to a healthy marriage are now available in this Home Study Course called Relationship 101

Relationship 101™

Create the foundation for a healthy relationship!

This online course consists of 8 Modules (5+ hours of course content)

plus Bonus Resources all designed to address key areas in a relationship

Valued at over $850, Priced at $387

**Zoom link or address will be provided once registered.

Relationship 101™ - 8 Modules

Couples Synergy Relationship 101

Module 1: What is Synergy and How to Create It

Module 2: How the Evolution of Our Brain Impacts Our Relationships

Module 3: Power vs. Force

Module 4: Communication Styles

Module 5: the Essential Emotional Needs of a Human Being

Module 6: Boundaries and Emotional Vulnerability

Module 7: Beginning Stages of Healing Emotional Wounds

Module 8: Sexuality and Intimacy

Create the Relationship You've Always Dreamed of

With the Partner You Fell in Love With

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