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Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian

This scheduled consultation allows Dr. Ray & Jean to assess the current health of your relationship and then make a recommendation on how best to move forward. As a couple, you will be able to share more about what you desire in your relationship. You will both learn about the unique couples coaching method that Dr. Ray & Jean have developed over 20 years and how it can benefit your partnership!

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Couples Synergy offers couples coaching programs and does not accept insurance.

If you are seeking couples counseling and want to use your insurance, please contact

The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center.

You can reach them at (847) 253-9769 or visit their website by clicking the button below!

Connect Deeper

Once we know more about your relationship and goals, we can create something special for both of you!

Since each relationship is unique with its own distinct needs, the most effective way for us to begin and to answer any questions you may have is a private virtual Couples Consultation with Dr. Ray & Jean!