Mastering Synergy

The Monthly Workshop for Couples

Join Dr. Ray and Jean every month in this educational and interactive online workshop for couples. Learn directly from Dr. Ray and Jean as they explore all aspects of mastering synergy in your marriage.

In this workshop, they will cover topics such as:

  • Communication
  • Conflict & Arguments
  • Boundaries
  • Warning Signs
  • Bonding
  • Love & Affection
  • Intimacy & Sexuality
  • and Much More...

2 Ways To Join This Program:

Become the power couple you want to be!

Join Dr. Ray & Jean in this educational and interactive monthly workshop designed to discuss topics necessary to create Synergy in your relationship. There will also be interactive exercises and time allotted for a Q&A session. Participants will be able to explore challenges and obstacles getting in the way of creating the relationship they've always dreamed of with the partner they fell in love with!

Dr. Ray & Jean will share their knowledge of over 20 years of guiding and coaching thousands of couples in this convenient and affordable workshop!

Learn how to empower your relationship in this virtual program

Mastering Synergy: The Monthly Workshop for Couples

2nd Thursday of Every Month

8:00PM - 9:00 PM CST

$57 / month

$617 / yearly subscription (10% savings)

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