"Synergy From The Start" -

a Couples Synergy home study course for beginning relationships

Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian have spent over 20 years working with couples teaching them the skills and tools necessary to create an amazing relationship

Their knowledge and secrets to a healthy marriage are now available in this Home Study Course designed for couples in a new relationship less than 5 years

Learn the skills and tools no one teaches about how to create a healthy and happy relationship right from the start! Learn to navigate conflict and avoid the miscommunication pitfalls that most couples fall into in this comprehensive video course

Synergy From The Start™

Create the foundation for a healthy relationship!

This online course consists of 5 video Modules (2.5 hours of course content)

designed to address key foundational areas for a new relationship

Valued at over $450, Priced at $147

**Zoom link or address will be provided once registered.

Synergy From The Start™ - 5 Modules

  • Intro Module: Why Healthy Relationships Are Important
  • Module 1: What is Synergy and How to Create It
  • Module 2: How the Evolution of Our Brain Impacts Our Relationships
  • Module 3: Power vs. Force
  • Module 4: Communication Styles

Create the Relationship You've Always Dreamed of

With the Partner You Fell in Love With

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